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When you Look Around your Office, How Much Paper do you See?

I just read an interesting article in Exemplar Global’s The Auditor Online publication.

Roger Woehl, CEO of Safety Chain Software, wrote an interesting article; Paper Isn’t the problem – It’s the symptom.

Roger talked about how, when he see’s paper – clipboards, paper forms, folders, binders, envelopes etc - on the plant floor, for him it’s a telling indicator that “an organization undervalues the power of data to make manufacturing more efficient”.

“When data is moved from paper records to digital records, software can react at lightning speed. Rules can be applied to look for cases outside the expected norms to alert of exceptions. Better still, the digital records can be analysed for trends that indicate a pending issue that can be corrected before a problem occurs”.
“Automating data collection and eliminating paper are not the actual outcomes that business owners are looking for. These are a means to an end. The real goals are to make the business more efficient and profitable”.

I haven’t met Roger, but it’s exactly the experience that I have when I see these same paper items in an auditor’s office. And I agree with his conclusions, because here at QLBS, we have seen first-hand results of how effective and efficient digitalisation of audits are.

There is a huge bonus for auditors using digital records to transform collaboration, communications, reporting, dashboards, manage secure access, and get incredible data insights. Not to mention the time and cost savings when delivering audits onsite or remotely.

Read our Avoco Case Study to find out more. Or contact me directly [email protected].


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