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Use Cyber to Assess Cyber Maturity

Image by Philipp Katzenberger

Data security and Intellectual property protection is an escalating risk to your client’s business. They need a rigorous, transparent assessment system they can trust.
Using spreadsheets to assess and manage cyber maturity across divisions, departments, outlets and supply chains will not cut it.
Transparency and tracking is difficult. Data is lost.

With QuantumLeap you can

Ask the right questions

Enable priorities and action to be tracked

Get answers from the right people

Deliver continuous improvement

Provide transparency and insight

Develop a competitive advantage

Ask the right questions

  • Build the right diagnostic tools - such as ISO 27001; SOC2, and NIST - for the right purposes, and manage the versions appropriately.

  • Map cyber practices against industry standards using our Question Configurator.

Get answers from the right people

  • Provide self-assessment tools for your clients and use your own professional tools; configure your own assessment systems. 

  • Hybrid assessment models are also possible, where client self-assessment may be followed by a professional review that builds on client responses.

As an example:

  1. All branches of a bank conduct a self-assessment and provide the appropriate evidence, such as their monthly cyber review document.

  2. An internal auditor of the organisation can then check and verify those reviews, and spot potential risk areas and gaps in processes.

  3. The client would then be well organised for the external audit. There should be few surprises.

Provide transparency and insight

  • Authorised people can review the assessments, action plans and reports online.

  • Data can be harvested for benchmarking, BI and AI.

  • Peer comparisons and online mentoring enable knowledge development.

Enable priorities and actions to be tracked and continuous improvement delivered

  • Visibility of 'action plan' status

  • Status reports automatically generated.

  • Email reminders and deadline notifications.

Develop a competitive advantage

  • The richest library of cyber diagnostic tools

  • A comprehensive database of cyber fitness

  • And a demonstration to your clients that you are an advanced cyber user.

How QLBS used QuantumLeap for ISO 27001 Certification

QLBS needed to get IS0 27001 certified in a hurry. A large global client had selected our platform for use worldwide and needed the assurance of ISO27001 certification.


QLBS purchased ISO27001 and had it up on the QuantumLeap platform within days.

"We then conducted a self-assessment and used the tool to gather supporting evidence, identify gaps, and establish action plans.

When the external auditor arrived we were well organised and informed and able to rapidly attack the priority nonconformities. 

We now review our processes and systems regularly to ensure continuous improvement and generate our Cyber security and privacy reports".

Image by Philipp Katzenberger

“This was an outstanding example of using digital to drive the certification process. It is undoubtedly the way audit will be done in the future.”


Take a Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets
Use our online, real-time, SAAS platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

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