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Meet Keith Phillips, 
CEO / President, QLBS

Keith Phillips CEO of QLBS

Meet Kane Wright, 
Business Development Director


Contact us to learn more about how QuantumLeap can transform your organisation:

Kei[email protected]
+64 9 414 5030
+64 21 220 6534
[email protected].

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Aus/NZ Mobile: 
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Keith Phillips talks about QuantumLeap.


QLBS operates, and sells worldwide, whilst maintaining a green, low carbon footprint and offering remote support to anywhere in the world.

Let's talk on Zoom, Team Viewer, Skype, or any other videoconferencing or audio tool of your choice.  

P O Box 302 590

North Harbour

Auckland 0751

New Zealand

NZ +64 9 414 5030

Aus +1300 180 614

[email protected].

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