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KPMG NZ and QLBS sign global SAAS agreement

QLBS to become KPMG Alliance Partner

KPMG New Zealand has developed a Climate Risk & Resilience Navigator Tool comprising a diagnostic operating model framework for reviewing an organisation's climate-related systems and settings, identifying critical gaps, and generating a roadmap.

The Tool is operated using QLBS’ cloud-based software platform.

KPMG and certain QLBS entities have entered into a local SaaS Licence Agreement that grants KPMG the right to license the technology solution - comprising the Tool and the QLBS Platform - and provide related services to member firms and their clients.

QLBS now becomes an alliance partner of KPMG.

“We are proud to be a KPMG alliance partner and particularly pleased to kick start this relationship with the Climate Risk & Resilience Navigator Tool which will support KPMG member firms and their clients address one of the biggest issues facing our planet today” said Keith Phillips President of QLBS.

The QLBS Platform is purpose built to enable the self-assessment and reporting of any practices and processes. It has been used across agriculture, business, tourism and sport for the assessment of compliance, ESG and advisory. The QLBS Platform is available for any business’ gap analysis and advisory requirements.

The QLBS Platform is hosted by KPMG in its Australian Microsoft Azure environment.


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