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Ensuring Supply Chains deliver on ESG Promises

As a professional services company, your clients want to be sure that they are delivering the ESG promises that they have committed to their customers, investors, and employees. But we know that delivery of ESG is only as good as the weakest link in the supply chain.

How big is the risk?

Reducing the exposure to financial risk is absolutely key. There have been numerous cases where corporate ESG claims have been made and then found to be untrue. Not because organisations are lying, but because they don’t know; and you can’t resolve or feel confident about risks that you aren’t aware of.

The risk of not knowing has caused boards and management to lose their jobs, permanently damaging their reputations. Corporations have damaged their brands, lost customers and paid heavy fines.

It’s not hard to manage the risk, if you have the right approach

Moving from risk to clarity and removing the problems and obstacles in the way is about finding a proven, trusted and repeatable process to identify the suppliers that are not delivering.

Using a step-by-step ESG-based, supply chain evaluation service provides visibility and control with ease. Specifically designed to benchmark against industry, identify gaps, create plans, see the results on dashboards and then monitor for continuous improvement; this unique product provides a straight-forward solution that any organisation can take advantage of.

· Define the processes and capabilities that suppliers need to meet

· Provide a gap analysis tool for suppliers to understand where they need to make improvements

· Provide independent audit and verification from professionals

· Create action-plan reporting.

Two solutions - giving you control

1. Full Professional Services Delivery - branded: Use your consultants to run the program for your client, ensuring distribution and management of the analysis and action planning program; powering up your diagnostic sales capability.

2. Client Empowered: Supply your clients with their own branded platform and the ability to run their own gap analysis and action planning programs. Clients with many suppliers can integrate with their other supply chain information systems.

Have visibility and understand the risks; put mitigation plans in place and easily report your progress. Create trust and feel confident.


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