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About Us

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Transforming Life Beyond Spreadsheets

Our Purpose:

We provide a universal platform to enable digital transformation of compliance, governance and advisory services.

Our clients take a quantum leap in trust and transparency so that customers, stakeholders and suppliers can comply with the higher standards of a new generation of consumers.  We have a culture of improvement at the heart of what we do. 

We use state-of-the-art digital technologies to deliver a 'digital configurator' which, together with our know-how, enables any best practice framework, gap analysis, standard or professional assessment to be branded, delivered online and stored in the cloud. 

We provide a database that enables benchmarking, monitoring, and analysis for anyone, anywhere across the supply chain.


Who we are:

We are based in New Zealand where innovation happens 'on the edge'.

It is no coincidence that the first cloud accounting system came from New Zealand. And after cloud accounting comes cloud compliance - and we are it.

Our Founder, Steve Lewin, has an MBA in Agricultural Science; he does a 36 km commute every morning on an e-wheel and spends his life in cyberspace.


Louis Ormerod our CIO is brilliant too. When he is not testing the limits of online/offline computing he is into life on other planets and the future of the universe (if there is one).

Keith Phillips, CEO, has had a number of international marketing jobs and has been the CEO of at least four technology companies: one of which was called Apple (in keeping with the agricultural theme). As  CEO of Apple UK he was the youngest in Europe.

He was then transferred to Silicon Valley until luckily, 'burn-out' saw him retire to New Zealand where he works even harder.

But everyone knows that it is Linda Kerkmann, our COO, who really runs the place.

Linda utilises her German heritage to be one of the most awesome operations officers in the history of business. She has a business degree and an international career with Unilever and Procter and Gamble. Customers love her because what she commits to, happens.

And making it happen is an awesome technical team of developers, support staff and testers.

Our certificate signifies that QLBS has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the management system requirements in ISO/IEC 27001:2013.​

You can be assured that QLBS has integrity, expertise and fairness. 

Meet our Leaders

Keith Phillips.JPG

Keith Phillips
Chief Executive Officer/President

Keith has a track record of growing successful technology companies.


Keith Phillips - previously an Exec with Apple Computers in the UK and USA - is leading QuantumLeap to use interconnected digital technology to grow knowledge and make a difference, both with each business and with whole communities of business.   

After delivering as a senior executive for Apple in the USA and the UK, Keith has established and invested in a range of successful technology companies.

"I have built and sold a number of tech companies, and as a Venture Capitalist, I needed a smarter way to assess business capability, and risk.  First I became a user, and then I became an owner.  I am increasingly convinced that in the technology continuum, this is the life after spreadsheets".

Linda colour image for website Oct 23_ed

Linda Kerkmann
Chief Operations Officer


Tony Morse, Director QLBS Australia

Tony Morse
Director - Australia

Tony is a finance professional with experience in planning, reporting, and business improvement in corporations like CSR Ltd (Australia), and Weyerhaeuser Inc (USA). More recent assignments have been in the manufacturing, finance, and media sectors. This breadth of experience provides an independent perspective on the business. 

Image of Julie Phillips, European Project Manager at QLBS

Juliet Phillips
European Project Manager

Julie Phillips is our European Project Manager based in Amsterdam. Having worked the last five years within sustainability consulting, focusing on the agriculture sector, she has an excellent knowledge of sustainability and food compliance challenges, and is able to drive projects from Europe.

Image of Steve Lewin, Founder and Chief Architect at QLBS

Steve Lewin
Founder & Chief Architect

Steve pioneered the methodology that enables the capture of best-practice models as an audit framework. In the process, he invented a Universal Measurement System that facilitates lead activity measurement, action planning, and progress tracking. 

Image of Maria Bermejo, Hispanic Markets at QLBS

Maria Bermejo
Hispanic Markets

Maria Jesus Bermejo is our Spanish speaking market manager who reaches across our Spanish speaking clients, worldwide. She leads our activity and drives projects from Spain to South America, and everywhere in between. Originally from Murcia in Spain - one of Europe’s great wine and fruit growing regions - she has substantial experience as a professional translator in international business.


Louis Ormerod
Chief Information Officer

Louis held senior engineering positions in the USA prior to joining QLBS in 2006.


He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics, and Computers, and brings with him a wide range of experiences in technical, applications, operating systems, computer languages, and web technologies. 

Louis enjoys the challenges of ever changing technology and the opportunities this opens up for new exciting developments

"Placing the right IT solutions into our client's organisations can make a massive, positive impact on people. I love to be part of making that difference".

As Chief Operations Officer, Linda has oversight of all the clients and projects QLBS has been involved in, so has built up an amazing level of experience and greatly understands the needs of clients and the value that our systems can deliver.


Linda brings together experience of working in multinationals like Procter and Gamble as well as start-up technology companies, and makes use of her great numerate, and organisational skills to manage the commercial side of the business.

"By working one-on-one with clients I am able to advise and create solutions that are unique and fit-for-purpose for each of our customers. It's those small differences that bring the extra value to our deliverables".

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