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A Quantum Leap in Compliance and Quality

Today, thousands of compliance, and quality auditors are capturing data across the world - but keeping it in isolated islands of spreadsheets or word documents.

QLBS was founded in New Zealand in 2002, motivated by the recognition that if you could connect these islands you would create a new intelligent assessment world, where you see what is happening across the community.
This requires going to the cloud where the same assessments can be used by everyone, and all responses can be collected in a database for long-term analysis of progress.

QuantumLeap is a SAAS platform built in the development environment on a Microsoft SQL Server database. It has a number of important architectural design criteria:​

Our leading-edge platform provides portals into your community across all the schemes that are important to you;  both horizontally, across all growers, and vertically, up and down the supply chain. 


Our databases are designed to automatically move data into OLAP cubes, enabling deep analysis across the multi-dimensional data for presentation in dashboards. These can be used in web designs, presentations, and documents as ‘live’ views into the data.


We enable online and offline updates, so that auditors can operate out of the office, and where there is no internet coverage.

Remote auditing

Enabled through the digital video, audio and image functionality, remote auditing is integrated into the platform It offers dual accessibility; allowing producers and auditors to view and navigate the audit at the same time.


We design for open data access: Data can flow from and to CRM or Enterprise systems. Data can flow to third party dashboards and BI tools for analysis.

Assessment Publishing

Our configurators are designed to build, monitor and manage questions and scoring systems including weighting, parent-and-child dependencies and cross-linking from one data group to another.​


We host on mirrored servers behind secure firewalls. Hosting can be set-up wherever the client wants.

Assessment Manager

Our Assessment Manager enables set-up and access to authorities, and the management of the whole assessment teams. ​


ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

In this world of increased cybercrime, many clients are increasingly concerned about the safety and privacy of their data.

Here at QLBS, we continually re-evaluate our systems and processes, and are now ISO27001 certified.


If you are currently using spreadsheets for assessment or haven’t gone through the rigour of information security certification, your clients’ data may well be at risk. Spreadsheets and unprotected systems will increasingly be unacceptable as clients become aware of these vulnerabilities.

When using the QuantumLeap platform, you will know that as much as possible has been done to keep your clients’ data safe.


In achieving ISO 27001 we have analysed our systems and processes from top to bottom, revised our policies, trained our staff, and implemented the highest level of data and cyber security within our internal and external network.


We take data security very seriously for our assessment platform and services.


An online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

QuantumLeap Slideshow

QuantumLeap Slideshow

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