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Intellectual Property and Knowledge Assets

Library of assets

Built and Designed with our Core Clients 

Built over the course of fifteen years - with over 300,000 assessments conducted - QLBS has eight core clients who have been on this journey with QLBS for more than seven years, building and evolving the IP together. 

QLBS is an intellectual property company that has focused on building QuantumLeap; an assessment platform with a library of assessment schemes focused on compliance, quality and better business for supplier communities.

The benefit is a robust platform and ‘deep’ experience on how to conduct remote and face to face assessments.

Intellectual Property

Assessment Platform

Screenshot of diagnostic in QuantumLeap
Screenshot of QLBS Diagnostic report page

Activity Management System

Our universal platform produces rich knowledge assets

Managing and reporting on company activities

Building and using multiple assessment schemes

Knowledge Assets

Digitilisation of
Assessment Schemes

QLBS has incorporated 100 assessment schemes into its platform

Business Performance Insights and Data

Over 200,000 assessments have been conducted constituting the deepest resevoir of data for business compliance and business fitess in Australia and New Zealand. 

Assessment Platform

A universal platform for building and making assessment schemes available. Evidence capture, reporting, and dashboards for compliance, quality, and improvement. 

  • Assessment publishing:

    • Any assessment available online for anyone

    • Customised reporting and dashboards

  • Integrated multi-assessment: Ask questions once/seek evidence once

  • Integration with the Certification Bodies, co-operative or retail enterprise systems

  • Browser-based for across from PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

  • Online/Offline functionality for different audit environments

  • Onsite/Remote option for different audit strategies

  • SQL Database and distributed server capability (e.g. Amazon or Azure)

Screenshot of QuantumLeap diagnostic reporting page

Activity Management System

Developed for the management and reporting of assessor and client activity.  

  • Database of all assessors and clients

  • Keeping track of activities

  • Recording time spent and activity agreed

  • Activity scheduling and status recording

  • Scheduling training and mentor sessions

  • Integrated reporting to stakeholders

Image of QLBS Diagnostic Report Page


Over 200,000 assessments have been conducted constituting the deepest reservoir of data for business compliance and business fitness in Australia and New Zealand. This is because no one else has the systems in place to harvest that data. This can provide significant insights into what is happening and is a unique value to taking a cloud-based approach.

  • QuantumLeap is used to conduct over 50% of the NZ Wine Safety audits. We are now able to profile compliance strengths and weaknesses across the whole of the NZ wine community so that improvements can be conducted on an industry basis.

  • A large avocado co-operative is able to harvest the GLOBALG.A.P. data for all of its suppliers enabling portfolio management of its supply chain and the initiation of performance improvement.

  • The Australian Government was concerned about digital resilience across small businesses. A digital fitness platform was developed and launched that reached around 4500 businesses. This provided the knowledge to put in place effective programs across the whole of the small business community.


Online and Offline

The tool can also be used both online and offline with offline evidence (images, files, video, and comments) uploaded once the system is online again.     

Detailed Analysis

Transforms your data into meaningful insights. Accumulate quantitative and qualitative data, mine, aggregate and review. 

Continous Access 

The audit may take place over time as producer and auditor will have continuous access to the assessment online until the audit is finalised.

Designed for Digital

Use laptops, tablets, and mobiles; online and offline with central data storage

Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

Available to you, your auditors, anyone with permission; online or offline. 

Flexible for Multiple Schemes

Other Compliance Schemes can be conducted for the same producer, using the same online space; all the audits can be in one place.

Updated Laptop QL angle 2023.png

'Request a Demo' for a no-obligation demonstration of how our solution works and what potential it has for your organisation. 

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