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Harvest Knowledge 

Image by Lukas Blazek

For Better Advice and Guidance

Harvest your data, and raise the value of your organisation.

  • Convert data into knowledge

  • Aggregate Data 

  • Produce reports

  • Provide visibility and transparency 

  • Meet new and emerging ESG requirements

  • Add significant value to your community

For Your

For Your Community 

For Your


For Your

Use diagnostic tools to assess and benchmark your client's critical business capability and business fitness. Create profiles that are comparable over time.   

Provide capability profiles for your business community and its needs, so that agencies can be responsive and develop better programs and policies.  Contribute to large scale government reform.

Use diagnostic tools to understand your business capability weakness, and the issues that your business faces.


Stakeholders want to make sure that funders are getting a great return, and that KPI's are being met and exceeded. 

Reports and dashboards on any of the activity conducted by Business Advisors

Consolidated reports on Business Development centers in the business development network

Demographic and business capability profiles and benchmarking by cluster, region or industry as required.

Ad hoc reports and the tools for the Business Development Organization to generate their own specialist reports and be able to respond to information requests.

Business Development Dashboards:

Data can be taken from a number of business development programs and analysed by various demographics and clusters to demonstrate visibility across the community. 
Better knowledge enables better advice, and better community programs to accelerate growth.

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