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The G7 Want More from ISO

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) reports:

“In a post-meeting communiqué, G7 leaders called for the use of common standards, best practices and guidelines, and encouraged collaboration with ISO to help build a better future.”

The G7 summit, where the world’s seven most influential economies (UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Italy, plus the EU) are brought together for discussions to advance global issues, was held last weekend from 11-13 June.

“They also asserted the importance of standards in line with their values and affirmed their support for “industry-led, inclusive multi-stakeholder approaches to standards setting”.
"Standards were cited on several occasions as an important tool to help progress many issues. The leaders stated their commitment to better share information and best practice, “including between our national standards bodies [to promote] enhanced capacity building and support for multi-stakeholder participation in standards setting”.

QLBS maintains that there is a huge opportunity to enhance the quality and the consistency of standards using cloud platforms that enable comparison and sharing.

“The standard way of assessing standards is by using spreadsheets”.

said Keith Phillips, CEO of the QLBS.

"You end-up with isolated islands of data that cannot be aggregated for benchmarking - or quality analysis - across industries, and countries.
You can’t monitor and manage trends easily to ensure continuous improvement. And you can’t easily compare different standards and share experience”.

Here at QLBS, we have developed a cloud platform that enables multi-standard audit and data collection, so that all of this can be achieved.

Different standards can be 'harmonised', and as a result, the quality and compliance in different countries can be compared.

QLBS has partnered with IQM, a leading standards auditor, and Mike McLean, a leading ISO practitioner, to develop ISO 9004 as an example of how this can be done.

If you would like a demo of how this works please contact Keith.Phillips


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