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Thanks KPMG!

Thanks, KPMG, for an excellent webinar covering your research on the status of ESG Corporate reporting in New Zealand, and how we compare with other countries.

We feel the findings are extremely important to a country that prides itself on its concern for the environment and is seeking to establish a leadership position in sustainable practices.

We learn however, that New Zealand is ranked 38th out of the 58 countries surveyed on their sustainable reporting practices.

And even more concerning that we are behind our six leading trading partners on all measures; and slipping further behind.

It looks - to us - as though we are at risk of not delivering on our global image as a concerned 'green' country.

And that, more than ever, we need the rigour of professional audit and reporting of our ESG practices.

The next step is identifying the correct solutions to access the data required for both mandatory and voluntary reporting. If New Zealand is to continue to walk-the-walk regarding sustainability and our clean, green values, then we must ensure we are enabling organisations to showcase their sustainable practices.

We agree with KPMG that the reporting of sustainable practices should fall out of the actions.

The right technology solutions will assist organisations in ensuring that the sustainable practices currently in place are being correctly represented while identifying areas of improvement.

Thanks KPMG.


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