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QuantumLeap Remote Audit - How Does it Work?

In today’s world of covid, isolation, vaccine passes, and reduced carbon footprints, carrying out remote audits when you can’t be onsite has become business as usual.

Using technology like video conferencing, phone calls, and shared documents is enabling collaboration between producers and assurers, but it also introduces more risk, and creates extra work to capture and share data via email, and then upload it into the audit documentation.

What is a QuantumLeap Remote Audit?

Remote Audit is a feature offered as part of the QuantumLeap platform.

It can be used where physical access is impossible, or, to significantly shorten a visit, by completing all possible off-site work before the site-visit takes place.

Parts of an audit that don’t require actual presence, prior to a site visit taking place, can be undertaken seamlessly by producer and auditor, in order to save time during the visit.

Assurers can set up the audit, and share it with a producer, who sees a restricted view. They can upload evidence and supply comments – in real time – captured directly into the audit record.

It enables an audit to be created, accessed, and shared with the producer, jointly completed by producer and auditor, and submitted without the auditor physically visiting a producer site.

What are the benefits of the QuantumLeap, Remote Audit feature?

  • Producers can upload documents, video links, and images directly into the audit record, in advance of the onsite audit. This saves time and cost, even if an onsite audit is still required.

  • Information and evidence are uploaded directly into the specific area of the audit record; duplication of effort by the auditor is cut out because evidence from emails or physical documents is saved against the specific clause/control point.

  • During a remote audit, assurers can guide producers to upload information into the relevant audit record areas, so they can see them straight away. Any issues or new uploads required, can be dealt with on the spot – as if the assurer were there.

  • Site visits times can be reduced, so that more than one physical audit can be done per day. Instead of standing around and waiting for a producer to find the necessary evidence, they can upload it in advance. Onsite times can then be shorter, travel can be less frequent, and more can be achieved in one day; reducing costs and lowering carbon footprints.

How does it work?

The system has a built-in process that is easy to use.

1. The assessor creates the assessment, and triggers an email - with a unique link - that is sent to the producer. Both the auditor and the producer view the same audit record on QuantumLeap; the auditor having access to additional features and fields.

2. The auditor can ask the producer to show them around the farm, and provide evidence using digital video, audio and image windows, that the camera on their smartphone or laptop is providing.

3. The required evidence (comments, images, files, and video links) is uploaded, and attached to the appropriate audit clause/control point by the producer. The assessor can see this evidence as it is captured in the system, and review it in real time, if needed.

4. Having completed the online interview, the auditor can then review the comments and evidence provided, and complete the audit and report, deciding on compliance status.

Do I have to download a separate app?


The Remote Audit service is built-in to the QuantumLeap platform; you ca

n view it when logging in. You can log in on any smart device to use this service, and you can login from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access to start off. (Once the audit has been downloaded it will work ‘offline’).

Do I have to pay extra for this feature?


Remote Audit is included as part of the platform package so that you can use it as little or as often as you like. Whenever the need arises. This enables you to save money by reducing travel and time, and improving your service delivery profit margins.

How many people can access the audit?


You can include multiple parties -producers, auditors, consultants and experts from across the globe, to work conjointly on one audit – all at the same time.

What does the producer have to do?

View of the Remote Audit Screen

The producer is emailed a link to the assessment. They can take photos using their smartphone or tablet, and upload the necessary files directly to the relevant audit clauses. Documents can be upload to the specific clauses and comments added related to each control point. Producers are finding their view of the platform easy to use.

How quickly can I see other people's updates?

When users are online, updates can be seen by other users, anywhere in the world, almost immediately, provided both parties are online.

How do I control who sees what information?

The system does it all for you, automatically, based on a set-up that can be customized in advance.

Each login type can see a different view of the information. This ensures that sensitive details and notes remain confidential to the auditor.

The QuantumLeap Remote Audit comes as part of the QuantumLeap Platform to allow your assurers to do more, in less time, reduce their carbon footprint, and even do fully remote audits, if required.

Read more on our website. Find out more, read a Case Study, and watch a video about the case study - recorded live at a virtual conference.

Request a demonstration with your team - anywhere, and everywhere in the world.


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