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QuantumLeap Professionals have a Worldwide Reach

Shaking hands in front of globe of the world

Exciting news from QLBS this week as we launch our new QuantumLeap Professional network; a team of trained professionals who represent the QuantumLeap platform worldwide, and have a reach across every continent.

With a surge of interest taking place across Europe, Africa and the Americas, we are strengthening our capacity to provide our solution to all geographic areas of the globe - by partnering with experienced industry professionals, worldwide.

Farm Assurers, Farm Consultants and Compliance Bodies are working together to enable faster, easier and more visible compliance, which is increasing profits for their growers and the entire supply chain. They are championing the platform at 'grassroots' level, where compliance is critical.

QuantumLeap Professionals are trained in the platform and its tools, and can help supply chains, understand how to use the platform to get the business intelligence and business benefits they want.

GLOBALG.A.P. Auditor standing in field doing an audit.

With GLOBALG.A.P. seamless submission and other quality schemes built-in to the solution, they are also armed with the knowledge of how to deliver multiple scheme audits at the same time.

Our team of professionals will work closely with you in your timezone, and in your language, assisting you to develop any extra features or requirements that your business needs.

The QuantumLeap Platform is

  • Designed by the industry

  • Used by the industry

  • Supported by the industry

Would you like to join our QuantumLeap professional network?

Find out more and make contact here.


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