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How have Industry Leading Food Audit Organisations got their teams onboard with Digital Auditing?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The technology is here, so how do you get your auditors to embrace change, drop their pens, and pick-up digital tools?

The best way to create successful change is to learn from the people that have already done the journey.


Hear from Graeme Munro, from NZ's largest Avocado grower group, AVOCO.

Graeme reflects on how the journey into digital operations is happening in every industry in the world. Whilst it brings both opportunities and challenges, he recommends that leaders and auditors ‘don’t fight it’.

"Ask yourself; How can I be part of that?”

By not being afraid of technology and finding out how it works, AVOCO have harnessed the benefits for their growers. It’s a learning curve for everyone to start with, but it doesn’t take long to understand how it can help, and to see how you can use technology to do things better.

Avoco auditors has made this journey, and their audit teams are now the drivers of the technology. They are asking for new functions and specific data, and with the whole business engaged in improving delivery, AVOCO is saving money and time as well as improving their services.

Compliance Bodies

Telarc CEO, Philip Cryer reflects on how they have been so successful in taking their auditing services digital.

It's critical to engage your teams in the process and to take them along, as digital travellers, on your digital journey.

Getting the team engaged from requirements gathering through to testing, gives the whole team a chance to play with the technology, learn about it, identify issues, and give feedback.

You then need to respond to each point, and take advantage of the learnings.

Teams with a high personal investment in the new solution actively engage and participate in the journey, and are much more successful.

Technology Engagement

QLBS CEO Keith Phillips, talks about his experience of how best to get people to really engage with new technology.

There is no substitute for getting people 'hands-on' to 'try-out' the technology.

Clicking on buttons, and trying out functions in a safe 'sand pit' type environment - where they can't break anything - can help people experience and visualise the benefits for them.

Watch our video excerpt from the Exemplar Global Virtual Food Safety Expo, and get the inside story on how to create a successful and meaningful change pathway into digital auditing in your organisation, by increasing the appetite for using digital tools.


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