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Growers Can't Ignore Expanding Compliance Burden

Producer, standing in a field, holding freshly dug up potatoes

In these difficult economic times, growers can't afford to ignore the expanding compliance burden they carry.

The cost burden of compliance is being pushed down to growers, to host and accommodate different auditors, complete different spreadsheets and supply increasing volumes of evidence.

Too many... 
  • Compliance schemes

  • Auditors from different organisations

  • Requests for the same evidence

Farmers and Growers:

The QuantumLeap Pro platform provides a place where you can place evidence and answers online, and where you can make it available for compliance bodies to review the information - without asking again, and again.

You can have a place that:

  1. ​Reduces your time and effort to supply information through easy self-assessment.

  2. Alerts you of compliance shortfalls and corrective actions needed across all regimes.

  3. Reduces duplication by interlinking questions: so your answer in one compliance regime will populate other regimes.

And it's designed to provide visibility of assessments across multiple schemes for both the farmer and the suppliers - even if they cannot be on-site.

Growers have a place where:

  • ​Assessments and evidence can be aggregated and analysed to provide clarity across the whole supplier community.

  • ​Reports and dashboards can be automated to monitor progress over time across your supply chain.

  • ​Farmers can be monitored and benchmarked to identify areas of greatest risk to the reputation of your co-operative.

  • ​​Different assessments can be integrated so that evidence provided for one regime can be used as evidence for other regimes, reducing duplication effort and saving time.

  • ​Auditing can continue even if auditors can't get access. Remote access tools enable audits to continue and not delay business.

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