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Get Free Auditing Experience

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

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How do I get the job without having the experience?

How do I get experience, if I can't get the job?

How do I get a job, as a young, newly qualified auditor, when I have no experience, and have never done an audit before?

When my training has been theoretical, how can I prepare myself to go out into the field, and not feel intimidated or be distracted from the relevant evidence?

  • The answer, is to build your confidence by gaining enough experience to know what type of scenarios to look for.

  • To get practice in spotting the right evidence amongst a range of evidence that may, or may not be relevant.

  • And then, to get some practical feedback so that you can compare your work and conclusions against an experienced professional auditor, before you go out into the field.

QLBS have partnered with Exemplar Global to develop an exciting learning and development tool for auditors.

One of the dilemmas for auditors starting out after their training, or when changing from one standard to another, is How do I get the experience?

The Exemplar Global Audit Simulator creates an exciting opportunity to try-out your new auditing skills, in a safe environment, at any time, and in any place that you wish.

Will this fill the space of actual audit experience? Not completely no, but it will help you build more specific exposure and experience, and to build your confidence by gaining experience.

What is the Audit Simulator?

On 23 June, 2021, Exemplar Global soft-launched their new Audit Simulator at the Online Auditor Expo Live.

The development of the simulator follows the concept used in the aeronautical

industry, where new pilots use simulators to get practice flying before they carry passengers.

The Audit Simulator uses a leading audit platform, QuantumLeap, to help build the learning and confidence of auditors.

The platform is populated with scenarios. These scenarios are a group of control point questions, evidence, background information, and reports, which have been created for the learner to explore and review, before they make their own judgement calls, and draw their conclusions on quality, compliance, or excellence.

At the end of the experience, once the audit is complete, learners are given a report that shows and compares the learner's conclusions with those of professional auditors. This offers the chance for insights into the thinking processes of professional auditors, as well as unique learning opportunities.

In addition to all of these learnings, you will feel more comfortable using digital auditing tools that are already being used within the industry today - and will become standard across the industry within the next 2 to 5 years - to give you even more confidence.

Whilst you can compare your conclusions - I thought this was compliant, but the professional didn’t; What can I learn? - this is as much about building your confidence as it is about being right or wrong.
Andrew Baines, CEO, Exemplar Global.

The Audit Simulator will be launched with one free scenario for all Exemplar Global members to try out.

The scenario is real, and drawn from a panel of professional auditor's experiences, which have been chosen because they were tricky to deal with, and don’t have obvious black and white answers to them.

There are many situations in auditing where there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but there is a conclusion to be drawn on the basis of the information presented. This scenario is designed and intended to make you think about the situation.

The Exemplar Global Audit Simulator and the first scenario experience will be launched on Monday 2 August, 2021 and made available on the Exemplar Link platform, for free, for all Exemplar Global members to try.

If you would like to try a free Audit Simulator 'taster', go to the Exemplar Global website. To find out more about how you can use this amazing new training tool for your learners, email [email protected]

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