Audit, Assessment and Analysis
of any Scheme, Standard or Framework

Your Cloud Software Platform

Moving from spreadsheets to the cloud platform QuantumLeap, 
delivers a step-change in visibility and intelligence across your assessments and audits, and significantly reduces cost and time. 

  • For gap analysis, audit and inspection.

  • Build, publish and distribute assessments.

  • Provide any assessment scheme to anyone, anywhere.

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Suitable for any assessment; Compliance, Quality, Excellence

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Detailed Analysis, Aggregated Reporting and insights

Arrows showing multple connections

Ideal for multi-scheme audits.
Easy to Integrate

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Real-time collaboration,
in the cloud

No Duplicaton Cross

Eliminates duplication and double-handling costs

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Pre-Assessment, Self-Assessment and Hybrid

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Online and Offline

Mobile phone or tablet connecting to data

Audit - for when you can't be there in person

Accessible by anyone, anywhere,
through any digital device

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A Seamless Flow: 


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Graeme Munro, part of audit leadership at AVOCO food co-operative talks about the main benefits he gets from using QuantumLeap

Keith Phillips, President of QLBS introduces QuantumLeap

"With QuantumLeap, certification bodies have the opportunity of getting an inspection and audit management tool that can be customised to their individual needs and is intended to connect seamlessly with the GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online system to avoid double entry work."

Jochen Baumgarten:


Jochen Baumgarten, VP & CTO, GLOBALG.A.P.
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GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online Hub

Approved Partner


It's now time to register for the auto-upload solution for version 6

QLBS has been working with GLOBALG.A.P. to ensure that the transition from Version 5 to Version 6 will be smooth and easy.

The QLBS audit platform uploads the data automatically when you are ready, and eliminates the need for any manual uploads.

· No extra staff time and costs.

· No copy and paste errors.

Assess ISO: safety, sustainability, quality, data security and assure environmental, social, and governance standards.


Client, Advisor and Leadership Portals.


Track actions and drive continuous improvement.


Harvest and aggregate data for BI and AI.

Designed to meet the detailed and precise needs of certification bodies across the globe.
All compliance schemes on one platform, in one place, in the same format - simplifying the way assessments are conducted and decreasing the administrative tasks required.
Remote Auditing tools .
For growers, co-ops, processors, retailers and brand owners.

ssess compliance; food safety, sustainability, labour practices.

ny industry.

ulti-scheme harmonisation.

emote, online and offline, for hard to reach producers.
Business Advisories and Certification Bodies have found QuantumLeap a transformational tool for diagnostic consulting, gap analysis, and continuous improvement programs across ESG.

QuantumLeap provides a highly professional 'needs analysis', and stimulates the discovery of solutions.
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QLBS is a champion for connected, global solutions.

We offer an online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

Take a strategic approach to compliance rather than a tactical one. 
Use QuantumLeap.

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