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Traditionally you have provided financial assessment and reporting services, but now there is a need to monitor and report on ESG practices.
This is why QuantumLeap was built.


You can provide a self-assessment solution and then produce a performance improvement plan and report.

Or you can use QuantumLeap professional for an independent audit.

The system is also set-up so that supply chains, divisions and departments can all be audited, providing visibility across the whole ecosystem.

Take a QuantumLeap Beyond Spreadsheets
How QuantumLeap Works




QuantumLeap's configuration enables quick and easy 'cloud' publishing of all assessment tools onto your site.





You build your own comprehensive library of diagnostic tools, which are used by the practice and by clients, for sharper more comparative reports and dashboards.



Tools for your Team


Tools are available for your authorised auditors/advisors and their clients, as prescribed by you.


Ask the Right 


Your tools enable your assessors to ask the right questions, seek and upload evidence, and measure and track responses.


Auto Upload Data

for BI & AI

Data is automatically uploaded for BI and AI to identify trends and predict 

performances, across clusters like supply chains and industry segments.




Dashboards, benchmarks and reports can be  automatically generated and made available online, as required by advisors and clients.

QuantumLeap provides a significant competitive advantage

A comprehensive database

Data is harvested to provide added value services such as benchmarking, industry reports and predictive analysis.

A Library of assessment tools

You build your own comprehensive library of diagnostic tools, which are used by the practice and by clients, for sharper more comparative reports and dashboards.

Quick and easy upload of any standard

Suitable for any assessment; Compliance, Quality, Excellence

Ideal for multi-scheme audits.
Easy to Integrate

Eliminates duplication and double-handling costs

Online and Offline

Accessible by anyone, anywhere, through any digital device

White labelled  with different interfaces for clients and firms

Detailed Analysis, Aggregated Reporting and insights

A Seamless Flow: 

Pre-Assessment, Self-Assessment and Hybrid

Audit - for when you can't be there in person

Real-time collaboration,
in the cloud


You now need to report on Environmental, Social and Governance practices if you are to retain your customers and attract human, and financial capital.  

QuantumLeap is designed to ensure that you can assess and report on all of their ESG requirements. More...

Global Strategic Alliances

The utilisation of technology for advisory and consultancy requirements

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IQ net logo.png
Global GAP Logo.JPG

KPMG: Professional Services  

QLBS has been appointed as a strategic Alliance Partner to KPMG, and has developed a Climate Risk & Resilience Navigator Tool comprising a diagnostic operating model framework for reviewing a client organisation's climate-related systems and settings, identifying critical gaps, and generating a roadmap. The QuantumLeap platform is available for professional service solutions across 143 countries and territories through 260,000 partners. The QuantumLeap technology will be utilised for all advisory and consultancy requirements  

IQNET: Certification 

QLBS has partnered with IQ Net, a global leading Certification consortium that has issued 360,000 valid management system certificates in virtually every country of the world.  

We are working together on the future of audit and reporting. 

Exemplar Global: Auditor Excellence 

The leading organisation for auditor certification serving 100 countries, 10,000 individual certified auditors and more than 120 certified training providers.   

Working together on the tools required for auditors now and in the future. 

Global G.A.P.: Food Standards 

QLBS were appointed the first global technology partner to Global G.A.P.

They are the world’s leading certification standard for the food industry and have certified in excess of 200,000 producers and co-operatives in 134 countries. 

We are working together to improve the worlds food supply chain. 

KPMG and QLBS sign Global SAAS Agreement:

QLBS becomes KPMG Alliance Partner

KPMG has developed a Climate Risk & Resilience Navigator tool comprising a diagnostic operating model framework for reviewing an organisation's climate-related systems and settings, identifying critical gaps, and generating a roadmap ("Climate Navigator tool"). The Climate Navigator tool can be operated on the QLBS Platform.(“QuantumLeap”).

KPMG was granted a licence to use the QuantumLeap Platform and related services for the benefit of Member Firms and their Clients worldwide under a SaaS Licence Agreement.

KPMG has built a strong network of alliances with some of the world’s leading technology, data and services companies. KPMG, along with their alliances, offer global reach and combined abilities to help solve their clients’ most pressing technology-based challenges. QLBS now becomes an alliance partner of KPMG.

“We are proud to be a KPMG alliance partner, and particularly pleased to kick start this relationship with the Climate Navigator tool which will help KPMG’s clients address the biggest issue facing our planet today” 


Keith Phillips President of QLBS.

Andras Fekete:
VP and Chief Integrity Officer of GLOBALG.A.P.

“GLOBALG.A.P. has been looking for solution providers to help certification bodies complete inspections and audits more easily and with reduced complexity and cost to the producer.  
QLBS has been using smart cloud technology to support the industry in New Zealand. We are working with QLBS to provide a seamless flow of assessment data – from the farmer, through the inspector or auditor, to us – in order to make life easier for everyone." 


For all your assessment needs

BI (Business Intelligence)
Skills Improvement

Gap Analysis

Continuous Improvement
Conformity Maturity


Build the right diagnostic tools for the right purposes; use the Question Configurator to map cyber practices against industry standards.

We offer an online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  
Take a strategic approach to compliance rather than a tactical one. 
Use QuantumLeap.

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'Request a Demo' for a no-obligation demonstration of how our solution works and the potential it has for your organisation. 

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