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To all those Auditors and Assessors out there. You do one of the most valuable jobs in the world.

Thank you

Every day, you work with producers to make sure that they are conducting best practices.

You help ensure that the world’s food is safe.

You help ensure that the planet is safe.

You help producers reach the standards required to supply the world's supermarkets and brand owners.

You make sure that bad farming practices are not ruining the environment; Not contributing to water pollution; Not contributing to climate change.

You deserve the best tools.

Today you mostly use complicated, disconnected spreadsheets.

You are asked to collect and file evidence against each question.

You are asked to cut and paste data from one spreadsheet to another and manually assemble reports.

And then you are asked to start all over again next year.

You need tools that are fit for your purposes, not cheap.

Your time is valuable and important to all of us.

You deserve better.

At QLBS we are driven by helping you be your best.

We want you to have the latest in IT to make it easier and faster to conduct your audits and inspections.

We want you to be able to deliver better reports, greater visibility, better evidence, and more business intelligence.

We want you to spend more time on what you, uniquely, do. That is to help producers continuously improve their practices and to keep us and the planet safe.

You deserve the best, to be your best.


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