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Lloyds Registry ‘Remote Auditing' - A Virtual Service that proves the case for Remote Solutions

In response to the travel and access limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Lloyds Registry – compliance, assurance and performance optimisation services – have turned to technology to help them reach their customers and deliver their services.

By using existing technologies such as video-conferencing and online collaboration tools, Lloyd Registry have been able to utilise mainstream virtual IT tools to keep them in contact with their customers, whilst keeping a safe distance away.

It’s been a success for their business.

A survey of 900 of its global customers reported that 82% felt that the virtual audits were just as in-depth, and 83% felt the audit was good value for money.

The next logical step - to have a cloud-based collaborative system that collects results for multiple schemes and automatically uploads them to scheme owners - is not a dream for the future. Lloyds Register are using a small subset of the amazing technology that already exists and is already being used by auditors worldwide. A solution that connects each member of the supply chain - from the producer, to the inspector, to the auditor and then to the schemes - for reporting.

Rural road

Already developed and in use in countries like Australia, where distances are huge and a one-day audit could include two flights and two nights in a hotel, this tried and tested solution is reducing the travel time and expenses for customers now, giving them the edge and pushing-up their profits.

More than virtual conversations and shared documents

Imagine having a 'digital window' where you view, capture evidence, seek verification, and get team collaboration across diverse geographies - in real time. This type of connected, transparent collaboration in one secure cloud-based location, takes you way beyond the benefits of using Zoom or Teams.

QuantumLeap audit application displayed on a laptop and two mobile devices.
Use QuantumLeap in the office or on site

And using the platform brings other significant benefits for the entire supplier chain:

Integrated Multi-scheme options are reducing duplication and time wasting. By linking schemes such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 you can ask one question, and seek evidence once, to populate several schemes at the same time - automatically - with no extra effort. Any scheme, automatically updated for you, within days.

Integrated Reporting that can halve your reporting duration by using established API’s with 'one-click' automated uploads into templates.

Easy to use assessment tool designed specifically for you to assess, gather evidence, make comments, score NC’s, produce reports and manage access and teams.

Blended Assessment Strategies: QuantumLeap offers the opportunity to blend offsite or remote assessment strategies with onsite follow up. An audit may start with self-assessment reviewed online, and then lead to onsite verification.

Online and Offline access, so if you start the assessment online and then move to a place without internet coverage, you can keep on working. When you get back online your work is automatically updated to the cloud.

Data Analytics by analysing the database. All data can be analysed to provide insights into trends and progress across supply chains and business/farm clusters.

Spot weaknesses and provide valuable data for your clients and stakeholders to develop their improvement plans.

Graeme Munro, part of audit leadership at Avoco food co-operative talks about the main benefits he gets from using QuantumLeap

Contact us to calculate the benefits for you.


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