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Data Mining - Do you have Visibility Beyond Spreadsheets?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Do you wish that you could really take advantage of your data, so you can gain insights and make more informed decisions?

Data can give you important information to

  • predict issues and reduce risks,

  • reduce costs,

  • identify common areas of non-conformance,

  • identify market opportunities, and

  • improve internal processes.

To achieve this you need clean, organised data, preferably located in the same database. You need to

  • Have clean data that is correctly entered, captured in the right places, and captured within data collection rules - like only collecting numbers in numeric fields.

  • Have the ability to analyse your data from every single field in your system, so that you have insights into every part of your operation.

  • Have data located in one central location so that it is comparable and easy to extract.

The QuantumLeap platform is designed to help you collect your data and use it to identify trends and insights across producers, communities, crop types, industries, regions, countries and globally. Taking advantage of images captured, files uploaded, inspector notes, corrective actions, evidence; in fact, any data captured in any field.

With the QuantumLeap platform

  • All your data can be analysed​ quickly, and easily

  • Set-up dashboards and reporting for visibility and insights

  • Undertake ongoing monitoring and evaluation of performance​

  • Have visibility across your entire supply chain, including site to supermarket​

  • Deliver diagnostic reporting and gap analysis ​

  • Benchmark against best practice, other teams/organisations, and excellence frameworks​

  • Produce real-time, accurate reporting​

  • Aggregate data for visibility across your chosen communities​

  • Identify trends and use that information for consulting

  • Identify and deliver training and improvement opportunities ​

  • Build your brand: be SMART and transparent​

  • Audit your Auditors!​

  • Integrate with other systems, extract into your corporate BI tools.

Take a quantum leap beyond spreadsheets and get access, visibility and insights that will propel your business forward.

Make contact to arrange a demo and find out what's possible.


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