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Have Trust in Your Supply Chain

Do you need greater transparency around compliance in your supply chain? 

High profile food safety and fraud scandals are triggering public health concerns and damaging trust in the industry and in governments around the world. 


The reputation and capital value of a retailer or manufacturer can plummet very quickly if a story on a bad workplace or environmental practices goes viral. 

A single lapse in quality control can quickly become a scandal that makes international headlines

We understand your challenges


Retailers use globally acknowledged audit schemes like GLOBALG.A.P. and accredited independent auditors like SGS, SAI Global, and Asure Quality to ensure that the supply chain complies with all relevant standards. However: 


  • Audits are done by multiple parties using disconnected spreadsheets as well as other third parties. This makes it difficult - if not impossible - to view what is happening inside the supplier community or up the value chain

  • The retailer is operating in blind faith that the farmers, suppliers, packhouses, and logistics companies are operating according to standards

  • There is little ability to compare, benchmark and view evidence across the supplier community

  • Data is dispersed and collected in many different forms, making it of little value for decision making. 

We have a solution


QuantumLeap provides visibility across the entire compliance value chain, providing a window into all of the compliance activity. 


Even if the retailer doesn't want to view the data they can be assured that co-operative or scheme owners can view and manage all of the audits across their supplier community. And in the case of access issues, remote audits can still continue. 


QuantumLeap offers insights through benchmarking and dashboards by: 

  • Individual farmer

  • Region or type/size of farm

  • Compliance scheme

  • Measurement cycle (tear etc)

QuantumLeap provides multi-level views of the data: from farm to retail by: 

  • Farm type

  • Labour contractor

  • Packhouse

  • Transport and storage organisation

  • Distributor/marketing agent


Multiple Schemes

Can be used for any assessment scheme, adapted for different deployment approaches

Easy Integration 

Easily integrates with your existing IT systems and scheme owner data requirements

Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

Available to you, your auditors, anyone with permission; online or offline. 

Find out More about the Benefits

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Auditor working on a laptop

An online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

QuantumLeap audit application displayed on a laptop and two mobile devices.

'Request a Demo' for a no-obligation demonstration of how our solution works and what potential it has for your organisation. 

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