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Growers and Producers

Producer, standing in a field and holding freshly dug up potatoes in his hand

Reduce Compliance Costs and Complexity 

Is compliance becoming more and more of a burden?
Too many... 
Compliance schemes?
Auditors from different organisations?
Requests for the same evidence? 

...when all you want to do is grow great food.

Growers can't afford to ignore the expanding compliance burden they carry

We Understand Your Challenges

You have to comply with: 

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Workplace safety

  • Employment standards

  • Food security

  • Supply chain quality

  • Water quality... and so it goes on. 


And then there are individual requirements from giant retail chains, the council, and government. 

The compliance cost burden is being pushed down to you, to host and accommodate different auditors, complete different spreadsheets, and supply increasing volumes of evidence.


We have a Solution


The QuantumLeap platform provides a place where farmers and growers can place evidence and answers online. Compliance bodies can conduct audits and review information remotely without asking again and again.

Growers have a place that:

  • Reduces time and effort to supply information through enabling self-assessment

  • Alerts the grower of compliance shortfalls and corrective actions needed across all regimes

  • Reduces duplication, by interlinking questions so an answer in one compliance regime populates other regimes



Enables easy self-assessment and pre-assessment to speed-up the auditing process

A Seamless Flow 

Enables pre-audit, audit, post-audit and certification in a continuous flow

Remote Audit

Auditing by remote - for when you can't be there in person

Eliminate Duplicate Requests

Saves time by eliminating repeat requests, re-using evidence for multiple audits & removing double-handling

Multiple Schemes

Ideal for multiple assessments schemes. Easy to integrate and adapt for different deployment approaches

Find out More about the Benefits

Picture of Bob, CEO of a food co-operative, looking frustrated
Producer standing in field tending to rice
Producer, standing in field holding a hand full of freshly dug up potatoes
Supermarket shelf of fresh vegetables

An online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  


'Request a Demo' for a no-obligation demonstration of how our solution works and what potential it has for your organisation. 

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