Virtual Business Advisor

Is your company facing start-up or small business growing pains and don't know where to turn?

The Virtual Business Advisor (VBA), powered by the Qimono Platform, offers the right questions and guides you along a pathway to the right answers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • QLBS software and processes are to the best of our knowledge unique in providing a universal measurement tool that can assist in change management and performance improvement of any organization and community.

    Jeff Ruster
    Deputy Director of Economic Dev,
    City of San Jose

  • QLBS have not only provided a software tool, but have provided their collective experience in business assessment. It is this responsiveness and experience that makes QLBS stand out from other software suppliers - and ultimately become a true business partner.

    Tony Urquhart
    Vice President (Former), MWH Business Solutions

  • The strategic evaluations have proven to be extremely popular and easy and quick for NZBEF staff to manage whilst providing a valuable level of feedback in identifying organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement…

    Mike Watson

  • A big advantage of the QLBS system is the ability to capture “needs assessments” in a permanent database so that regional, cluster, and industry-wide skills needs can be identified and tracked over time.

    Bill Twigg
    Development Director, SEMTA

Qimono Virtual Business Advisor

More and more, companies are searching the internet for business advice. They find it low cost and real time but they have 2 problems.

  1. They don’t always know what questions to ask, and

  2. They don’t always know what advice to trust.

The Qimono “Virtual Business Advisor” provides small business with the key questions and a clear pathway to quality advice. It also aggregates the responses to questions to provide rich data for benchmarking, trend analysis and business development across the community.

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The Qimono Platform

Qimono is a Cloud Platform that enables Business Advisory Services to the millions of small businesses. Our diagnostic consulting engine reveals what needs to be done and enables the sharing of knowledge through reports, benchmarks, dashboards.

Qimono allows you to keep your finger on your organisation’s pulse, empowering you to truly understand, engage and lead your business community.

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A cloud based platform for understanding, benchmarking and continuously improving organisational health. We are building better business communities by delivering sustainable and demonstrable performance improvement.

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