• Keith Phillips

QLBS Sponsors the NZBEF Conference 2022: Quest for Excellence

Do you know what ESG is all about?

Have you considered the dramatic impact on digital?

How do you think that these will redefine business excellence?

There are two forces changing the standards of business.

The first is a dramatic shift in demand for 'sustainable' products and services.

The second is the impact of digital.

This is the first conference in New Zealand to address these forces and examine how they redefine business excellence.

Businesses that adopt these new environmental, social, and governance ‘ESG’ standards will be rewarded by consumers, investors and job seekers who want to be associated with organisations of greater purpose.

Digital is impacting everything.

There are 5 billion smartphones in the world, and soon there will be 30,000 satellites connecting them all. Digital has no distance, no carbon footprint, and little cost.

The pandemic ignited a surge of digital discovery. We found we could reach out to anyone anywhere, work from home (or from the beach!), and still be part of the global community. Excellent business now needs to be excellent at digital.

ESG claims bring risk: Claiming ESG excellence and not delivering can be devastating. Companies that are greenwashing, confront brand damage, financial losses, and legal action.

And bad news travels at the speed of digital, so with digital too, there are risks: Sensitive customer data can be exploited and Intellectual property stolen. Customer trust becomes an increasingly important imperative.

The Quest for Excellence Conference - brought to you by the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and Auckland University - is one of the most important of the decade. Be there.

Dates: Nov 17th and 18th

Venue: Owen Glenn Conference Centre Auckland University Business School

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