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A universal platform for assessments and managing the assessment program.


We provide a complete on-line/off-line assessment system that can be customized to individual needs, providing efficiency gains and harvesting data - data that provides added value services such as benchmarking, dashboards and continuous improvement programs.  We provide not only tools for assessment but a CRM for managing and reporting the whole assessment program.

Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets

What we offer


To take advantage of the significant opportunities that an on-line digital strategy opens up.

We can convert any assessment to an on-line solution providing immediate access to any assessor anywhere.  Or we can build an assessment from scratch taking into account objectives and required outcomes.

As a first stage for pre-assessment, or to extend reach when assessor resources are limited.  This option, designed to be easily used by anyone that logs in on-line has:


  • Evidence capture and submission to prove viewpoint, including image and document files


  • Online feedback facility for advisors/mentors to "talk" directly to respondents to for example request more information


  • Automated reports providing feedback and pre-programmed advice


  • Benchmarking, monitoring and evaluation dashboards

Assessment Strategy & Specification

Assessment Development


For the assessors individually or in teams to provide the complete service including:


  • Question management for ease of use in complex multi assessment programs


  • Evidence capture:  image, audio, file attachment


  • Corrective Action Required for planning, reporting and sharing


  • Merging of multiple assessments into a single assessment/report


  • Automatic reporting and benchmarking for easy rapid report development


  • Data mining for deeper insights and richer reporting


  • Dashboards for benchmarking and monitoring and continuous improvement



Professional Assessment

  • Assessment Management:  backend monitoring of assessments


  • Self-assessment can flow into Professional Assessment


  • Collaboration between assessors and clients


  • On-line Learning:  Information pop-ups on questions, learning resources


  • Assess the assessors to identify bias and training needs

Management of Assessment Teams

  • On-line means all assessment data can be collected from everyone anywhere


  • Benchmarking and comparison available against defined peer group


  • Data analysis tools enable views by cluster, region, industry, function, type


  • Customized and ad hoc reporting available for all stakeholders


  • On-line dashboards at multiple levels available for knowledge sharing


  • Monitoring over time for progress reporting and trend evaluation

Data Analytics

Download PDF Article:  "Better Than Oil" for more educational background on this subject

A Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets

A smarter way to assess business capability and risk

QLBS has supported complex programs involving multiple assessments conducted through multiple, sometimes independent, assessment organizations and teams of hundreds of assessors.

We have supported assessment teams from Australia,

New Zealand, USA and Europe.

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A Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets


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