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"We are able to shift our client relationship from auditor to strategic knowledge provider"

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NSW Treasury wished to provide assessment and business growth services to over 33,000 businesses of the 650,000 SME’s in NSW. 


Their goals were to:

  • Provide a portal for each business for continuous improvement,

  • Create a CRM for business advisors,

  • Produce data analytics, dashboards, and reports for stakeholders, 

  • Develop better policy and programs to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Over 30 diagnostic tools were developed from 'entrepreneurial readiness' through the 'business lifecycle' to 'succession planning'.


Tools were also developed and adapted for different industries and dashboards and data analytics tools provided for stakeholders. Reporting was by activity, industry size and industry type against capability profiles. (See dashboard example on the right, for viewing activity and business community capability profiles.

This project - over four years - was delivered with the NZ based team and a Sydney based support group. Open daily engagement and weekly on-line review meetings took place ensuring 'across-the-board' participation. 


The program was redeveloped into an on-line application during 2016/17 for a further 3+ year contract. 

QLBS provides both the support and a program of continuous improvement as the client sees opportunities for adaptation.

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Turning Compliance into Better Business 

The State/Territory Tourism Industry Councils of Australia are committed to raising the quality of tourism products in Australia, improving their visitors’ experience and recognising and celebrating success.


The Quality Tourism Framework is an integrated online system which encapsulates existing business development programs (Tourism Accreditation, Star Ratings and Australian Tourism Awards) into one portal.

Organisations are invited to do a self-assessment and provide evidence via document or image uploads. 

These self-assessments are reviewed online and further evidence may be sought before a site visit which targets already identified areas of concern/importance.

Accreditation and or Star Ratings can then be gained.   


High performing organisations are invited to sign-up for the Australian Tourism Awards program, where judges are provided access to the portal, giving them a structured view of assessment and award entry data completed on-line by the client. 


Judges use this to build their judgments, scores and present feedback online.


Telarc is New Zealand's leading GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) assessor.  It is also leading in the transformation of its professional services to digital using the QLBS Professional Assessment system. 


Auditors are able to deliver assessments more professionally and product reports more easily.  More importantly, they deliver greater value to their clients by offering benchmarking and dashboard services and increasing knowledge of their own business.


Telarc are providing quality audits for the Wine SMP and Food Safety Audits, providing profiles of quality across the whole industry. 

They have also completed assessments for the Electrical Workers Registration Board which included analysis of the results soon after completion of the assessments.


Telarc have taken ISO digital enabling integration of complementary systems such as QMS (9001) and EMS (14001).



Clients can now develop improvement plans across the spectrum of compliance and quality regimes and get a holistic view of their quality performance.


"We are winning business because we can deliver more value just by capturing the data across the client community.  We are able to shift our client relationship from auditor to strategic knowledge provider" 

Philip Cryer, CEO of Telarc.

The Australian Institute of Sport and sporting bodies of Australia are all using our platform to grow clubs and ensure good governance.


Over 8000 clubs have been through a club health-check and peak bodies now understand the issues that are affecting the whole sports community.


Clubs all get a health profile and are provided a pathway to resources that will help them in the most critical areas.

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This SME Business Fitness Program for Business Development Centres in Australia and the USA is designed to extend reach and understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


SME’s were taken through a Fitness Test and provided with reports that included benchmarking and a pathway to resources to help them in priority areas.  

Data was aggregated for the BDO’s to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystems and the constraints to business growth.  

It was possible to compare business communities in Australia with those in the USA.

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This system was designed to deliver 360-degree feedback from management and clients in a strategic evaluation for medium-large companies. 

This enables change to be driven with involvement and understanding at all levels.

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Three compliance regimes were integrated to provide an overall assessment and improvement program for Transport Fleet Risk Management. 

The system draws data from Government Accident and Compliance statistics and converges it with a compliance audit and assessment into a report.


This solution has provided a wholistic view of risk and is used as the basis for risk mitigation strategies.



A complex integrated program of self and professional assessment to build manufacturing quality and capability into the suppliers of the Primes. 


This program was designed to strengthen the supply chain in the face of Asian and Eastern European competition.

Learn more about Quality Australian Tourism.

Watch this video of Keith Phillips, QLBS CEO, talking about the advantages of the system and how flexible it has been in developing new functions like those required for Covid Clean updates. 

Global Recognition as a Platform for Excellence and Quality

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ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better.


ASQ:  The Global Voice of Quality.

On March 31, 2015, the ASQ Organizational Excellence Technical Committee (OETC) launched a global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence.


The global assessment uses a leading-edge technological platform (QLBS) that will provide a snapshot of the current state of organizational excellence around the world at any given point in time.

Source:  ASQ OETC press release

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