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Grow Knowledge of your Business Community
for Better Advice and Guidance

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A Quantum Leap in Trust and Transparency

Harvest both your CRM activity and your business capability data.

Use diagnostic tools to understand your capability weakness and the issues the business community faces.


  • Convert data into knowledge

  • Producing reports

  • Add significant value to your community


And raise the value of your organisation.

Business Development Dashboards:

Data can be taken from a number of business development programs and analysed by various demographics and clusters to demonstrate visibility across the community. 
Better knowledge enables better advice, and better community programs to accelerate growth.

QuantumLeap Dashboard of graphs displaying aggrgated data

New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation: Strategic Evaluation

The New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation is the custodian of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and provides a 360º tool to drive excellence into larger corporations. 
Using QLBS to enable assessments through the organisation has provided aggregated views at different levels of management, and benchmarking against high-performing organisations and historical data.

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Take a Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets


Use our online, real-time, SAAS platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

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