A Quantum Leap in Food Compliance

Cloud Auditing and Reporting Solutions

Switching from spreadsheets to our cloud platform QuantumLeap Pro delivers a step-change in visibility and intelligence across your supply chain. And reduces cost and time. 

By having all of your audit compliance schemes in one place - in the cloud - you can deliver:

multi-audit, multi-site, and multi-level strategies.


And because everything is integrated and automated as a SAAS system, reports are delivered in half the time and data can flow seamlessly; from farmer - to regulator - to retailer. 

Graeme Monroe, part of audit leadership at Avoco talks about the benefits he gets from using QuantumLeap Pro. 

Graeme Munro, part of audit leadership at Avoco talks about the main benefits he gets from using QuantumLeap Pro. 


✓ Significantly reduce compliance efforts and complexity 
✓ Track your compliance requirements and committed actions

Food Co-operatives

✓ Improve visibility and control across your entire system
✓ Save time by integrating the auditing of multiple compliance regimes
✓ Continuously improve the quality of members

Certification Bodies and Auditors

✓ Provide multi-level, multi-user access to assessments and information
✓ Access and input data online at your offices and offline on the road
✓ Benchmark auditors to improve the quality of auditing


✓ Increase visibility and transparency of supply chains
✓ Maintain integrity and quality of standards
✓ Build consumer confidence and increase consistency

What Our Customers are Saying

“As the Manager of an SGS Certification Team, I find I am able to view all the auditor's activity and monitor progress and quality of the audit itself".

Peter Ward:

GLOBALG.A.P. and IVA Technical Manager - SGS NZ Ltd


A Seamless Flow 

Detailed Analysis

Easy Integration 

Quick Self-Assessment


Eliminate Duplication

Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

Designed for Digital

An online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

Take a strategic approach to compliance rather than a tactical one. 

Use QuantumLeap Pro.

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