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QLBS was founded in New Zealand in 2002 by Steve Lewin, a brilliant business consultant and technologist.  He recognized that paper based business assessment would  be disrupted by digital technologies.  "It is all about the data" Steve said "and the data is being squandered by the industry.

Today, thousands of business assessors are capturing data across the world but keeping it in isolated islands of spreadsheets or word documents.  "If we could connect those islands, we will exponentially improve business knowledge and make a contribution to business across whole communities".

Keith Phillips, previously an Exec with Apple Computers in the UK and USA washed up on NZ shores and stumbled into Steve.  "I had built and sold a number of tech companies and as a Venture Capitalist needed a smarter way to assess business capability and risk.  I became a user, and owner.  I am increasingly convinced that in the technology continuum this is the life after spreadsheets".

Everyday QLBS proves that using interconnected digital technology, you can grow knowledge and make a difference with each business at a time but with whole communities of business.


QLBS now has customers in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe that are helping thousands of businesses to grow.

Global Recognition as the Platform
for Excellence and Quality

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ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better.


ASQ:  The Global Voice of Quality.

On March 31, 2015, the ASQ Organizational Excellence Technical Committee (OETC) launched a global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence.


The global assessment uses a leading edge technological platform (QLBS) that will provide a snapshot of the current state of organizational excellence around the world at any given point in time.


Source:  ASQ OETC press release

Meet the Leaders

Keith phillips

Chief executive officer/president

Keith has previously held senior executive positions for Apple in the USA and UK and has a track record of growing successful technology companies.  Keith is extremely passionate about technology and how it can facilitate better business communities.

steve lewin

founder & chief architect

Steve pioneered the methodology that enables the capture of Best Practice models as an audit framework.  In the process he invented a Universal Measurement System that facilitates lead activity measurement, action planning and progress tracking.

linda kerkmann

commercial &

operations director

louis ormerod

systems architect

tony morse


qlbs australia

Dawn Ringrose

Joint Venture Partner

Margaret Mulqueen

Founder and Mentor

Linda brings together experience of working in multinationals like Unilever and Proctor & Gamble as well as start-up technology companies, and makes use of her great numerate and organizational skills to manage the commercial side of the business.

Louis has held senior engineer positions in the USA prior to joining QLBS in 2006.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Computers and brings with him a wide range of experiences in technical applications, operating systems, computer languages and web technologies.

Tony is a finance professional with experience in planning, reporting and business improvement in corporates like CSR Ltd (Australia) and Weyerhaeuser Inc. (USA). More recent assignments have been in manufacturing, finance and media sectors. This breadth of experience provides alternate and independent perspectives on the QLBS business.

Margaret was a founder of QLBS and continues to mentor management and provide unique expertise and perspective. She is qualified in executive coaching and has over 10 years’ experience in Business Management including Performance Improvement and Human Resource roles.

A global leader in organizational excellence, Dawn is Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists that is headquartered in Canada and author of the Organizational Excellence Framework publication and toolkit that provides a strategic approach for the excellence journey. Tools in the toolkit are being used by professionals in over 50 countries and the automated assessment and reporting tool, powered by QLBS, is being used to do the 'first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence'.

Pamela has worked on all aspects of performance review and measurement, including as a project manager, external monitor, evaluator, auditor and reviewer.  More recently she has led development of organizational assessments based on the IDRC model and microfinance institutional assessment based on CGAP, SEEP and PEARLS standards.

associate:  pamela branch

managing director, project services international (PSI)

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