Duty of Care Assessment

Managing health, safety and security risks related to international travel and assignments.

Duty of Care involves the legal and moral responsibility of an organization to do everything reasonably possible to ensure the physical and psychosocial well-being of individuals it sends on missions. Individuals share in being responsible for their own well-being.

Two sets of questions follow, one from each of the perspectives of the organization and the individual. We recommend that you complete both sets of questions in order to understand the perspective of the other party.

Confidentiality: Your data will be confidential! Only you will be able to identify your data. You will not be able to identify any of the other organizations, nor will they be able to identify you!

What happens after completing the assessment?
On completion you will be emailed a summary report with some suggestions and useful resource links. Make sure you correctly fill in your email address.

To start your assessment please select if you want to do the quiz from an Organization or Individual perspective. You will be given the opportunity to do the other one at the end.