This complementary assessment is designed to measure the extent to which the principles common to 'best in class' organizations, are in place in your organization. The principles are based on the 'Organizational Excellence Framework', a framework that integrates leading global excellence frameworks. The results will provide a description of the current culture in your organization and provide the foundation for future improvement activities.

When considering each principle, please indicate the degree to which it is an attribute of your organization by using the following scale:

  • Low – not at all
  • Low-Medium - somewhat
  • Medium – fairly well
  • Medium-High – quite well
  • High – extremely well

For any principle that is difficult to understand, a hint is available that can be accessed by hovering over it with your cursor.

The assessment should take 5 minutes to complete. It is important to note the assessment gathers general information on the respondent participating in the survey for the purpose of analyzing the data by industry sector and geographical region and sharing confidential results with the individual respondent.

Assessment data will be compiled and analyzed by an independent third party, Organizational Excellence Specialists (Canada).

Thank you for completing the assessment. We hope the results are helpful to your organization and invite you to contact us should you wish to discuss a more detailed assessment, improvement plan, and feedback report.

Questions about the assessment and other services may be directed to the Dawn Ringrose, Principal at .