Performance Improvement Systems for Development Organizations

Welcome to the Development Organization web based self diagnostic tool.


This tool allows you to assess your organizationís capabilities on a set of selected factors that influence performance. It allows you to consider where to focus effort to improve your performance based upon your own review, and to compare or benchmark your ratings against those of other development organizations.


Please note: If you work for a particularly large or fragmented organization, it might not make sense to try and answer on behalf of the whole organization. In such cases please answer on behalf of the organizational unit in which you work.


Confidentiality: Your data will be confidential! Only you will be able to identify your own organizationís data. You will not be able to identify any of the other organizations, nor will they be able to identify you!


What happens after completing the assessment?

Upon the completion of the diagnostic assessment you will receive a summary report via email, so it is important to ensure that you correctly fill in your email address. The results will give you an overview of where your organization is now and establishes what areas would be most useful for you and your individual situation to focus on.


To obtain the best results:

1.     Be honest in your assessment. There is no right or wrong answers and this is an assessment rather than a test.

2.     The system automatically saves your assessment each time you hit the NEXT button so you can leave and return later to the same computer.

3.     Move the mouse over the question to display HINTS. For best results, your computer must have "internet cookies" enabled. To assist you, the system will notify you prior to beginning a session if this is not so. Please follow the instructions provided or contact your system administrator for assistance.

To commence your assessment please click on Start

Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets

In the current economic environment development organizations are challenged like never before to demonstrate real results to stakeholders. They need to collect relevant data, run an assessment processes, write reports, and provide benchmarks. Finally, to succeed they need to ensure follow-up and a culture of continuous improvement that facilitates performance.

QLBS. Com has an integrated cloud enabled system of performance measurement and enhancement tools to meet your needs and give your stakeholders a clear view of the value added by your organization, including:

  Diagnostic Apps: Self-assessment, virtual assessment, webinars, workshops

  Planning and Reporting Apps: Action Planning, report writing, benchmarking

  Evaluation Tools, dashboards, benchmarking

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