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To recover your session:

  • close your browser
  • then simply revisit the ORIGINAL WEBSITE LINK where you started the assessment from
  • (and make sure you're using the same computer again)
The system should then automatically take you back to the last page you were on

If you're still having problems, email
Possible causes of this error:
  • Session Timeout

    If the assessment has been idle for more than 60 min a session timeout can occur.

  • Security Settings

    Your browser security settings set too high (This can prevent initial startup of the asssessment).
    To check this in IE:

    1. Go to the Tools menu and Internet Options.
    2. Click on the security tab.
    3. Click the default level button to return the settings to the default.

  • Browser Version

    You may have a browser version incompatible with the assessment:

    • For PCs (Windows) and Linux use Mozilla 1.4 or higher or Internet Explorer 6 or higher or Google Chrome.
    • For Macintosh OS 9 use Mozilla 1.2.1 or higher, and for Macintosh OS X use Safari 1.0 or higher or Mozilla 1.4 or higher.

  • You can contact support via email at or phone us at +649 414 5030