This assessment is designed to measure the extent to which the principles and best management practices, common to ‘best in class’ organizations, are in place in your organization. The statements are based on the 'Organizational Excellence Framework' that integrates leading global management frameworks. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered.

The principle describes the organizational culture or the way people work together. A ‘subjective scale’ is used to qualify the degree to which a principle is in place:

  • Low – not at all
  • Low-Medium - somewhat
  • Medium – fairly well
  • Medium-High – quite well
  • High – extremely well

The best management practices describe the way work is done. An ‘objective scale’ is used to quantify the degree to which a best management practice is deployed throughout the organization:

  • Just Beginning – no systematic approach, limited deployment, few or poor results, focus on correction
  • Good Start – beginning of systematic approach, deployed in some major areas, some good results, focus is on prevention
  • Doing Well – sound systematic approach, deployed across areas, good results, focus on continual improvement
  • High Performance – sound systematic approach, deployed across areas, good to excellent results, sustained improvement

The results will provide information on what the organization is doing well and where it needs to improve. It is meant to capture the organization at a specific window in time and provide the foundation for future improvement activities. For any statement that is difficult to understand, place your cursor over the question for additional information that will be available in the form of a ‘hint’.

The assessment also gathers general information on each respondent that will be used to analyze the data. It is important to note that individual responses will remain confidential and only aggregate data will be reported.

The assessment should take up to 45 minutes to complete. Results will be compiled and analyzed by an independent third party, Organizational Excellence Specialists located in Canada.

Questions about the assessment may be directed to Dawn Ringrose at or (250) 941-2064.