The Qimono Platform

Qimono is a truly unique modular platform to enable the building of better business communities…….

  • Offers cloud based applications for measuring capability and performance across organisations and individuals.
  • Automated platform for managing diagnostic applications, reporting and multi-dimensional analysis.
  • Connects businesses directly with specific resources that help develop capabilities.
  • Clear, intuitive and user friendly layout.
  • Full control of user management, hierarchy and data permissions.
  • Complete toolkit for tracking the health, fitness and performance of a business community – 1 or 10,000 organisations.
  • Assessment management system that enables the management of teams of assessors or business advisors.
  • Dashboards that can be easily customised and distributed at multiple levels throughout the Business Community.
Qimono allows you to keep your finger on your organisation’s pulse, empowering you to truly understand, engage and lead your business community.

Virtual Business Advisor

Is your company facing start-up or small business growing pains and don't know where to turn?

The Virtual Business Advisor (VBA), powered by the Qimono Platform, offers the right questions and guides you along a pathway to the right answers.


Australian Sports Commission
Small Biz Connect

Service Skills Australia
Sport New Zealand


  • Qimono+ Customer Management

    Qimono+ Customer Management

    Qimono+ is an online, cloud based application providing a client-oriented framework for managing the engagement, assessment and support of a large pool (i.e. thousands) of client organisations on their performance improvement journey. 

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  • Qimono Virtual Business Advisor

    Qimono Virtual Business Advisor

    The Qimono Virtual Business Advisor (VBA) provides a full range of tools to facilitate and enhance interactions within a business community, as well as knowledge and services to help member companies to drive and manage their own organizational improvement journey.

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Qimono Platform Modular Components

  • Qimono Professional

    Qimono Professional

    Qimono Professional is an integrated cloud based application that supports consultants and enhances the facilitated assessment process as part of a continuous improvement cycle.

  • Qimono Self-Assessment

    Qimono Self-Assessment

    Whether it’s board evaluation, functional diagnostics, employee feedback, supply chain assessment or anything else. Build a truly rich picture of your organisation with tailored tools ranging from facilitated diagnostics to workshops to online self-assessment.

  • Qimono Benchmark

    Qimono Benchmark

    Keep your finger on your organisation’s pulse with real time multi-dimensional dashboards, reporting and analysis. We give you the tools to really engage and lead your business community.

About Us

A cloud based platform for understanding, benchmarking and continuously improving organisational health. We are building better business communities by delivering sustainable and demonstrable performance improvement.

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