Global Engineering Consultancy Successfully Applies Diagnostic Sales Approach

MWH’s Business Consulting practice has been using QLBS software to assist in delivering business diagnostic services to their clients since 2006. MWH had been searching for a tool to capture their intellectual property and deliver their services in a consistent and transparent way to their clients. They also wanted to be able to deliver these services to their public sector clients at speed, providing rapid results and ensuring a strong competitive advantage.

MWH quickly realised they had found a breakthrough technology that led to a highly innovative and unique diagnostic sales approach. This has transformed the way they secure projects and deliver services to their clients. In 2006 MWH undertook a pilot of the QLBS system to test the applicability of the technology. MWH’s intellectual property in Asset Management for municipal and public utilities was captured in QLBS’s technology as a Best Practice Model. This was developed into the “Quick Start” program. Initial testing of this program indicated significant benefits for both MWH and their clients, resulting in a reduction of the sales cycle process and a significant increase in project work and downstream consulting. An internal analysis of ROI on technology initiatives confirmed that the QLBS software platform delivered significantly more return on investment than any other technology initiative, and produced significant returns.


While the software provided by QLBS was just what we needed the real differentiator has been the supporting consulting services and advice provided alongside the software. We have suggested improvements to the software and have been delighted to find that when we returned to our offices the next day these were in place. The guidance provided by the QLBS consultants has also been invaluable, they have not only provided a software tool, but have provided us with their collective experience in business assessment. It is this responsiveness and experience (coupled with a blend of software tools and consulting advice) that makes QLBS stand out from other software suppliers - and ultimately become a true business partner.

Tony Urquhart
Vice President (Former),
MWH Business Solutions

MWH is a multi-disciplined global team of business consultants, engineers, geologists, scientists, technologists and regulatory experts all contributing toward providing their clients solid solutions that reflect best practices in asset management, wet infrastructure knowledge, experience and innovation.



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