Software for Business Development and Community Organisations

Our software helps you grow your business and community organizations, manage your advisory teams and report to funders on your value. 

Our Data analytics provide knowledge of the community of organizations while dashboards and activity monitoring contribute to continuous improvement.

Grow your Business and Community Organizations:  To grow your communities, we provide your advisors with the tools to understand what is holding back growth.

Manage you Advisory Teams: QLBS provides a CRM specifically for teams of advisors working in networks of development centers.

Report to Funders: Stakeholders want to make sure that funders are getting a great return and that KPIs are being met and exceeded.

Knowledge of the Community: QLBS enables harvesting of both CRM activity and capability data gleaned from the diagnostic tools.

Qimono Virtual Business Advisor

More and more, companies are searching the internet for business advice. They find it low cost and real time but they have 2 problems.

  1. They don’t always know what questions to ask, and

  2. They don’t always know what advice to trust.

The Qimono “Virtual Business Advisor” provides small business with the key questions and a clear pathway to quality advice. It also aggregates the responses to questions to provide rich data for benchmarking, trend analysis and business development across the community.

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A cloud based platform for understanding, benchmarking and continuously improving organisational health. We are building better business communities by delivering sustainable and demonstrable performance improvement.

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