Our Background

It all started in 2000 when Margaret Mulqueen and Steve Lewin co-founded the business, creating a unique measurement system that would help organisations ranging from international government agencies through to SMEs achieve continuous improvement. Steve’s 25 years’ experience in designing and implementing management information systems for corporates provided a solid management team from the get-go. This was further strengthened when Keith Phillips, who had previously held senior executive positions for Apple (in the USA and UK) and a track record of growing successful technology companies in NZ, became CEO and shareholder of QLBS.

QLBS has now expanded to have operations across NZ, Australia, USA, UK and Europe.

The technology has developed to become a fully integrated system; from the capture of the questions and development of diagnostics, through to assessment and into dashboard analysis and reporting. Numerous best practice models have been developed over the time in a diverse number of fields.



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Meet the Team

Keith Phillips

Chief Executive Officer/President

Keith has previously held senior executive positions for Apple in the USA and UK and has a track record of growing successful technology companies. Keith is extremely passionate about technology and how it can facilitate building better business communities.

Steve Lewin

Founder & Chief Architect

Steve pioneered the methodology that enables the capture of Best Practice models as an audit framework. In the process he invented a Universal Measurement System that facilitiates lead activity measurement, action planning and progress tracking.

Linda Kerkmann

Commercial & Operations Director

Linda brings together experience of working in multinationals like Unilever and Procter & Gamble as well as start-up technology companies, and makes use of her great numerate and organizational skills to manage the commercial side of the business.

Louis Ormerod

Systems Architect

Louis has held senior software engineer positions in the USA prior to joining QLBS in 2006. He has a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Electronics and Computers and brings with him a wide range of experiences in technical applications, operating systems, computer languages and web technologies.

Tony Fraser

Managing Director, QLBS Australia

Tony has been a Director at a number of high achieving technology companies in Australia, including Apple, Microsoft and The Wireless Anywhere Group. Tony’s breadth of experience and achievement in the technology sector makes him the ideal person to spearhead QLBS’ expansion in Australia.

Russell Lornie (Rusty)

General Manager, QLBS Australia

Rusty has over 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, primarily within Telecommunications. Rusty has worked in NZ, the UK and Australia, most recently as GM of the Business Division at The Wireless Anywhere Group.

Our Associates

Pamela Branch

Managing Director,
Project Services International (PSI)

Pamela has worked on all aspects of performance review and measurement, including as a project manager, external monitor, evaluator, auditor and reviewer. More recently she has led development of organizational assessments based on the IDRC model and microfinance institutional assessment based on CGAP, SEEP and PEARLS standards.

John Clements

Director/Principle Consultant,
Leading Performance Consulting

John has worked in best practice and benchmarking for many years with specific orientation to continuous improvement, lean and leadership benchmarking. He has led a number of international groups examining best practice in companies and also provides business coaching on implementation with both SME’s and multi-nationals. John brings a wealth of experience on best practice and its application in diverse regions.

Terry Hoskins

Director, Approach Limited

Terry is an Accredited Director with the Institute of Directors, a business mentor and member of IMCNZ, NZIM and IABC. Terry has a special interest in promoting sound governance and strategic management within smaller companies. He is an advisory board member for a number of client organisations and has helped many businesses succeed by taking a strategic view, looking ahead, reasoning backwards and overcoming constraints for growth

Trevor Moodie

Partner, Department of Marketing

Trevor has worked across a range of divergent clients with varied needs focusing on business development, strategic marketing and communications. He is a Strategist and Partner at The Department of Marketing which helps to generate a deep understanding of your business including challenges and opportunities for growth, and then develops appropriate strategies for implementation.

Dean Myburgh

Director, 80-20 Options Ltd.
Dean’s consulting focus is the facilitation of strategic and operational decision-making related to organisational change management, process improvement, and risk and emergency management. Dean has facilitated the development of a range of diagnostic consulting tools aimed at problem-solving and organisational improvement.

About Us

A cloud based platform for understanding, benchmarking and continuously improving organisational health. We are building better business communities by delivering sustainable and demonstrable performance improvement.

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